The Band

Josh Aden (drums)

Josh Aden has been playing drums for 15 years. He plays PDP drums. Josh works in environmental engineering and chases a band called Phish.



Matthew Cole (lead guitar/vocals)

Matthew Cole (guitar/vocal) is a graduate of Cleveland Institute of Music. His first GD show was Detroit’s Masonic Temple, 1/21/1979, and he saw them regularly through his last show at Tampa, 4/7/95. Matt was co-owner of Soundtrack City recording studio and played guitar, keyboards, and trumpet professionally in New York City during the early ’90’s before moving back to the Detroit area to study biostatistics. Matt has a PhD in Developmental Psychology from WSU, and is an Associate Professor of Managment and Marketing at Lawrence Technological University.
Matt plays a 1978 Ibanez MC200 modded to Jerry specs by Leo from Scarlet Fire Guitars. Matt also plays a PRS Custom 24 electric guitar that he modified by adding an OBEL (on board effects loop), middle pup, Dimarzio Super II pups, Wald TPC1sm Buffer, coil tap switches, and a 5-way pickup selector. The middle PUP was added by Paul from Elderly Instruments in Lansing. Matt is very thankful to Mike Wald for the wiring schematic which is modeled after Jerry’s “Rosebud” guitar. Matt’s guitar is setup similar to how Jerry’s Tiger was setup. Matt uses Vinci strings 1010LS (10-46) and a 2mm Adamas graphite pick. All of these modifications help the guitar achieve a Jerry Garcia tone,  however, the preamp, amp, and speakers are essential for achieving the classic Jerry Garcia tone.
Guitar OBEL: Musicom Labs EFX MKII 8 channel switcher > Boss OC2 > Mutron III (Lingenberg mod) or Q-tron Silver Box w/R32 68K mod > BYOC OD1 Clone > MXR+ Series 2000 > BYOC Phase 100 Clone > MXR Phase 100 Block Logo w/15k Feedback resistor and 1M reverse log speed pot mods > Lexicon MPX550 > TC-Electronic Ditto Looper.
1973 Fender Twin Silverface modded by Matt to Jerry specs, including preamp tap and Wald Maestro mod. Matt is grateful to Mike Wald from Wald-Electronics for consultation, guidance, and electronics; SMS Classic Tube Preamp JG Version (backup preamp).
1973 Fender Twin Silverface amp section; Mcintosh MC2100 recapped by Matt (main amp); Tubeworks MosValve 962 (backup amp). Speakers: JBL K120/E120

Mark Czajki (rhythm guitar)

Mark Czajka plays a Fender Strat through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Mark works as a biostatistician.






Alex Rockwell (keyboards/vocals)

Alex Rockwell plays a weighted keys electric piano and an electric organ through a Roland amp. Alex works as a residential architectural drawer.






Ellen Sehn (vocals)

Ellen Sehn developed her vocal abilities singing in her church choir.  She sings through a Heil PR22 microphone.






John Sehn (bass)

John Sehn has played bass in several bands in the Detroit area. He plays a Fender Jazz through a World Tour Pro 900W Tube Hybrid Bass Amp Head and Fender speakers.






Nick Serocki (drums/vocals)

Nick Serocki has been playing drums for 16 years. As a graduate from MSU with a degree in Medical Technology, Nick is studying to be a PA while working as a medical technologist at a cancer center.

Nick plays a Yamaha stage custom 6 piece drum set 10X8, 12X10, 13X11 and 16X16 toms 14X5.5 snare and 22X18 bass drum, Sabian HHX evolution 14″ hi hat, 12″ splash and 18″ crash, Sabian XS20 16 medium thin crash, Ziljdian A 16″ paper thin crash, Zildjian A custom 20″ ping ride, Zildjian K custom hybrid 11″ splash, and Vater 7A nylon tip drum sticks.




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